A selected grain behind our 100% vegan cheese substitute: Germinated Whole Rice, using Dolomiti’s spring water.

Germinated Whole Rice is the special ingredient used for our products. All the beneficial properties of the rice is maintained during the whole process. Accurate analysis confirm an equilibrated distribution of essential nutrients, micro-nutrients and minerals preserved throughout germination reaching the final product.

TThe interest grown around this ingredient is also due to an increasing numbers of papers reporting the role of the germination process on making the nutrients bio-available. Rice sprouts are, in fact, an excellent source of phosphorous, magnesium and minerals easily absorbable by the human body.

In terms of nutritional value, whole rice is the best balanced amongst cereals. It is easy to digest and assimilate, it can be part of a celiac diet and it is ideal for gluten intolerant people and is recommended in cases of intestine sores and inflammations.

Rice is the most widespread crop around the globe and a regular intake is a good strategy to prevents illness due to the rich composition of its essential oils and antioxidants.

Whole rice is much higher in nutritional elements compared to polished rice. During the polishing process grains are depleted of soluble and insoluble fibres and the germ is lost too. Whole grains, on the other hand, maintain all their vital energy. When submerged in water, it can still germinate and create other plants and other millions of grains.

Whole rice is defined as a “refreshing food” thanks to its property and ability to purify the organism. It is a basic food present in any macrobiotic diet and in many detoxing diets.

It helps preventing cardio-related and gastrointestinal issues due to a notable presence of Niacin, a water soluble vitamin, which is fundamental on metabolic redox reaction. High blood-level of Niacin also inhibits triglycerides and cholesterol synthesis and this is why it is prescribed during pharmacological statin based, cholesterol lowering, therapies.

It is well known that whole rice grain is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. These levels are much higher compared to the polished one. It also contains significant amount of Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Copper, Zinc and many other minerals, key players of any metabolic pathway, such as fatty acid synthesis, bringing benefits to the nervous and reproductive system.

Whole rice consumption lowers the risk factor associated to 2 type diabetes. “Eating white, polished, rice regularly may raise type 2 diabetes risk”, says Harvard School of Public Health, in a recent study. On the other hand consuming two or more portions of whole rice grains per day lowers the risk to develop this illness. Just by switching our diet from refined grains to whole grains, we would lower the risk to get diabetes-related problems by a great margin.

BioSuRice® (Whole Germinated Rice) is obtained from an accurate manufacturing process which starts from whole live rice grains, ready to germinate.

We use 100% Italian Origin grain only, certified Biologic and, thanks to the use of purespring water from Piccole Dolomiti Natural Park, we let the grains germinate naturally to get the best of them at the correct time.

Rice sprouts possess the ideal proportion of carbs, proteins, fibres and minerals given by nature and wisely picked by man which has been using these grains since the Dawn of Times.

From rice sprouts we get BioSuRice®, core ingredient of our plant-based alternative to cheese products. BioSuRice® is also a base to develop many other products, such as the first whole rice derived beverage. This is a cereal which is rich in nutritional value and at the same time easy to grow and harvest. The most harvested cereal of all mankind.