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Lasagna with vegetables Ragù and Strachicco®

Vegan Lasagna with vegetables is the perfect Ready to Eat Meal to enjoy at home for a vegan dinner or just to change your habit trying a new taste. Lasagne are rich in nutrients and with taste which recalls the traditional recipe. Our 100% vegan Lasagne are very digestible and free of animal products.

Thin layers of pasta are totally eggs free and hand made by a company which uses stone milled flours and traditional methods

Tomatoes used in the filling are 100% italian, while the faboulus bechamel is 50% made with Vegan Spreadable Classic which confers a unique texture, taste and creaminess.

Lasagne are best when heated in conventional oven and served hot but you can enjoy them at room temperature as well.

Keep them in the freezer between -18° C e -6°C.

discover LASAGNa with vegetables raGÙ and STRACHICCO!



Bechamel: (BioSurice > water, germinated whole rice 20,8%, salt, apple vinegar), coconut oil, Kamut flour, Iodine salt, nutmeg. Vegetable filling 36%: Tomato pulp, zucchini, carrots, onions, extra virgin olive oil, Iodine salt, pepper.

Strachicco 12%: (BioSurice > water, germinated whole rice 20,8%, salt, apple vinegar),water, coconut oil, rice syrup, lemon juice.

Wheat semolina, water, rice flour.

Preparation Traditional Oven: Unwrap and place Lasagne in a ceramic plate or similar container. Pre-heat the oven up at 200°C and place the vegan Lasagne into it for 8 minutes.
Microwave Oven: Place the container straight into the microwave oven and heat it up 120 seconds at max power (1200W).

Serving Size: 100g

Calories 176 kcal
739 kJ
Total carb.
25,5 g
4,38 g
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
6,77 g
1,01 g
Total fibers 2,72 mg
Salt 0,78 g
Proteins 4,39 g