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Agnolotti with Tofu and vegetables

Our delicious agnolotti are made of vegan pasta from Senatore Cappelli’s durum selection to get the best nutritional value and a great taste. Filling is made of Tofu and Seasonal Veggies such as: peppers, carrots, onions, potato and aubergine.

A perfectly balanced dish using handmade made pasta and a tasty filling 100% vegan, enriched with vegan soy protein.

Completely free from milk, eggs or animal products.

Store them at home in the fridge between 0° e + 4 °C.

Discover our Agnolotti with Tofu and vegetables


Ingredients: Spelt flour 36%, Tofu 27% (soy beans, water, nigari: Magnesium chloride), spinach 9%, water, tomato flakes, mais flour 4%, soy based beverage (water, soy grains,sea salt) onions, vegetable broth ( sea salt, rice flour, mais starch, dried vegetables 11% (onions, celery, carrots, parcely, leek), miso (soy, rice, water, salt, koji) yeast extract, extra virgin olive oil, spices, sea salt, avena fiber, natura flavour, nutmeg.


Cook in slightly salted boiling water for few minutes.

Strain and dress them up to your fantasy.


Serving Size: 100g

Calories 215 kcal
910 kJ
Total carb.
33,1 g
3,0 g
Total Fat
Saturated Fat
3,8 g
0,5 g
Total fibers
3,0 mg
Salt 1,8 g
Proteins 8,7 g