A whole range of products, sweet and savoury, which have one thing in common and makes them unique: the highest quality of the ingredients we use to make them.

The main ingredient typical of all Verys products is BioSuRiceR, italian whole rice, germinated in spring water and transformed into a delicious and well balanced vegan, whole beverage. During the sprouting process there is an increase in fibres, vitamins and all the precious micronutrients present in whole grain rice, making BioSurice a unique, vegan beverage, with a nutritional value much higher than refined rice.

Whole rice is easily digestible and assimilated by the human body. It is a great source of energy and it has been widely recognised as a cleanser for the organism.

All our products are 100% free from modified starch, added sugar, refined flour, preservatives and artificial colourings, making them ideal for a natural, healthy diet and for people with food intolerances or allergies who still want tasty, delicious andhighquality food.

Rice Cheese
100% Vegetarian alternative to milk and animal derivatives. Delicious, Tasty and Delicate. Their production begins with the whole rice germination process.
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A new range of frozen products created for people always on the go, without compromising quality and taste, and with a particular attention dedicated to people with food intolerances!
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Ready to Eat Meals
Ready to eat Lasagna, tasty and light at the same time, respecting the Italian tradition and paying attention to health. The béchamel is milk and butter free, and the pasta doesn’t contain eggs.
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Fresh Meals
The taste of the traditional Italian pasta, made with durum wheat and spelt that hold 4 different fillings. This line is perfect for your quick meals and also for your family dinners.
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Verys' snacks are perfect for a quick, but healthy bite.
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