Other ingredients

Other ingredients

No compromises for our ingredients!

An aspect we are very proud of here in Verys is our decision not to compromise on the ingredients – and the production chain – that make up our products.
All the products we have chosen to use are natural, do not exploit any animal, and are of high quality. And that’s not all – for us quality does not only mean using excellent raw materials, italso means environmental sustainability: it is in our care and interest to make sure that all the ingredients we use also have the minimum environmental impact, like for the cold-pressed coconut oil that we have chosen to use, which is not the product of deforestation or exploitation of children or animals.
Also, whenever possible, we try to use local raw materials, like the whole rice that comes from the rice fields of Lomellina, or the tomato used for the preparation of our ready meals, which is completely of Italian origin.
Quality for us is to use only GMO-free ingredients, coming from organic farming and controlled with a rigorous traceability system to be sure of the place, the methods, and the companies that have cultivated and produced them.
No compromises for us also means choosing to collaborate with companies that give us the opportunity to develop healthy and genuine products, consistent with our philosophy. This is the case of the ready meals, fresh dishes, and snacks, for which we directly develop the recipes, supervise them, demand the use of unrefined flours, the elimination of preservatives, and ensure that, throughout the production process, there are no contaminations with other ingredients not indicated in our recipe.
In other words, for us at Verys, quality is important at every level of production, starting from the idea of a new product, to the choice of its ingredients, to the control of the production chain, up to the supermarket shelf.

“It is the passion and love that we put in that make the difference!”

Italian brown rice, sprouted with spring water and transformed into a delicious and balanced whole-grain, plant-based drink. It constitutes 80% of our cheese alternatives, and laboratory analyses confirm the presence of the precious and balanced nutrients contained in the sprouted brown rice. Its composition makes it, among the plant-based drinks, the most similar to mother’s milk on the amino acid profile, as it contains more than 20 essential amino acids.
The agar-agar we use is a wild red alga that is harvested in the Mediterranean; it is a safe, natural product that has been used by mankind for many years (especially for good-quality ice cream and jams). Rich in iodine, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium, it stimulates diuresis and metabolism.
Cocconut Oil
Oil obtained from the first cold pressing of the natural pulp of dried coconuts. Its cultivation takes place in controlled farms that do not use chemical fertilisers, and that are certified organic. Studies show that, thanks to its lauric and caprylic acid content, coconut oil helps fight viral and bacterial infections. The use of this oil does not contribute to deforestation, it should not be confused with palm oil.
Carob Flour
This fibre comes from the spontaneous collection of the carob tree fruit. It is an absolutely natural product with a high content of proteins, vitamins (A, D, B1, B2, B3), and mineral salts. It is a flour without preservatives, colourings, additives, sugar, and gluten. Considered an effective antidiarrheal because it has an absorbing action of toxins that cause intestinal infections.
Xanthan Gum
Xanthan gum is one of the richest dietary fibre sources currently available on the market. It can be used to add consistency to foods thus eliminating the need to use gluten. This property makes it ideal for people who have problems with intolerances and for people with celiac disease.
Arabica Gum
It is simply sap collected from the acacia tree, dried and pulverised. It consists of several components: calcium, potassium, magnesium, arabinose, galactose, ramnopyranose, glucuronic acid, mucilage, and sodium. In medicine and cosmetics, Arabic gum is used not only as an excipient, but also for the treatment of certain disorders such as dysentery or some enteritis.
Apple Vinegar
Apple vinegar, appreciated since ancient times by the Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans, was perhaps the first vinegar known to man. It is a condiment that, compared to wine vinegar, is not very sour, is more delicate in flavour, and less aggressive in the stomach. Using apple vinegar enriches and heals our intestinal bacterial flora.
Oreganum Infuse
Leaves and flowers of the aromatic plant of oregano infused in organic sunflower oil.