At Verys we are really proud to confirm that, from the early stages of this project, no compromises were made on ingredients’ quality standards used in our products.

All ingredients part of every product we develop are 100% vegan and we are strongly committed on using only ingredients coming from sustainable sources. Coconut oil, for example, is cold pressed from its natural pulp. The environmental impact is very low, no forest is destroyed and no children labour is exploited.

Whenever possible we use local raw materials, such as whole rice from Lomellina (Lombardy) farms or tomatoes used in our fresh dishes and frozen range: 100% italian.

We are strongly committed on using OGM free ingredients only, coming from Bio agriculture and checked through a rigorous traceability system.

No compromises also mean agreeing to partnerships with companies which allow us to develop healthy and wholesome products, according to the core principles of our company. Ready to eat Meals, Fresh Products and snacks have been developed in following these principles. We only use whole flours, avoiding all non-natural preservatives and observe excellent standard process procedures.

Quality at any stage here at Verys is a priority: from product design, to ingredients’ choice, through the production chain and than finally when reaching the shelves.

Passion and Love are, among others, our secret ingredients that make these products good!



BioSuRice® (Whole Germinated Rice) is obtained from an accurate manufacturing process which starts from whole live rice grains, ready to germinate.

We use 100% Italian Origin grain only, certified Biologic and, thanks to the use of pure spring water from Piccole Dolomiti Natural Park we let the grain to germinate to get the best of them at the correct time.

Rice sprouts possesses the ideal proportions of carbs, proteins, fibers and oligominerals chosen from nature and wisely picked by man which has been used these grains from the Dawn of Times.

From Rice sprouts we get the BioSuRice®,  core ingredient of our plant-based altrenative to cheese products. BioSuRice® is also a starting material to develop many other products. For example we developped the first whole rice derived beverage, such rich in nutritional value and at the same time easy to grow and harvest. The most harvested cereal of all mankind.


Agar-Agar we use comes from the red seagrass that grows wild in the mediterranean sea. It is a safe and long used ingredient for high quality products i.e. icecreams and jellies. Rich in Iodine, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Calcium it has diuretic properties and stimuate metabolism.

Cocconut Oil

Oil obtained from the primal squeezing of the dried coconut pulp. It’s cultivation occurs in checked farms selected for being Bio and not using pesticides or chemical fertilizer. Studies reports that coconut oil helps preventing microbacteria and viral infection throught the action of lauric and caprilic fatty acid.

This oil is not to be confused with palm tree oil so it does not partecipate to the global deforestation process.

Carrube Flour

This fiber is obtained from the Carrube plant. It’s a natural product high in proteins, vitamins (A,D,B1,B2,B3) and oligominerals. The flour is free of preservatives, additives, sugars and gluten. It is considered a natural remedy against diharrea due to its property to absorb toxins which causes intestinal infections.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan gum is among the best source of alimentary fiber today available in the market. It is used to improve consistency and texture to food avoiding gluten use. This property makes it ideal to those who have intolerance problem such as celiac people.

Arabica Gum

It is the simple sap  coming from Acacia three, dried and powdered. It is made of various carbohydrates components such as arabinose, D.-galactopiranose, ramnose, glucuronic acid and oligominerals. Arabic gum is used in medicine and cosmetics not only as eccepient but as well as to mitigate synthoms of dissentheriae or enteriti.

Apple Vinegar

Apple vinegar has probably been one of the first vinegar known to Human Being. It is a dressing that, respect to the wine one taste smoother, delicate and less aggressive gastricwise. Using apple vinegar helps to enrich and preserve our intestinal flora.

Oreganum Infuse

Leaves and flowers of the Oreganon plant infused in Organic sunflower oil.